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The group on the whole have executed several projects in Kuwait where our company have been active participant, ranging from ground level to concreting and water proofing to raise the structure, fabrication, painting, sealants for joint expansions to completing the structures, etc. The overall activity of the organization has always kept pace with the economic development of the country.

Our philosophy in doing business is demanding, yet very simple. We provide high quality products, safe & productive jobs, and we act with pride when we perform. This is instilled in our employee's ethics. An unmatched commitment to employee safety and project's quality has moved us well beyond the average construction company's ability to make a real positive difference before any job starts.

Our priority is to serve our beloved country in its march towards development and effective civilization. We cannot argue that any business is aimed at making profit, but it would be a great value if we can conduct business and yet doing good things to our motherland. That is what HITECH Mechanical Services are able to offer.